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Gaëtan Klein

Certified Peak States® Therapist & Coach
+11 years of experience - > 3 000 clients - Trainer of therapists - Researcher

Living in peak states of consciousness

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Learn how to eliminate 70% of your negative emotions, beliefs and sensations within minutes with one easy technique. Find a natural state of peace, calm and joy.

What Peak States Therapy can do for you :

Peak States® therapy is a new form of transformational set of techniques, based on trauma healing, that rapidly eliminates the source of negative emotions & limiting beliefs. Based on decades of exploration of efficient therapeutic modalities, and a deep understanding of the core structure of our psyche.

It allows you to break free from emotions like fear, grief, anger, and more, and to enter positive states of calm, joy, alignement, energy or bliss.

In psychotherapy

Originally designed to eliminate the root cause of many psychological problems, including traumas, Peak States therapy stands out by being able to tackle issues that are seldom considered as treatable in classic psychotherapy.

Depression    Anxiety  ☆ Loss of meaning in life  ☆ Self-esteem  ☆ Self-image  ☆ Confidence    Peace  ☆ Grief ☆  OCD  ☆ Loving yourself  ☆ Happiness  ☆ Trauma  ☆ Relationships  ☆ Feeling stuck  ☆  Balance  ☆  Fear  ☆  Clarity  ☆  Fear of judgment  ☆  Difficulty  ☆  Finding your purpose in life

In coaching

Applied to goal-oriented projects, Peak States® therapy can help you to create the life you truly desire, without any restrictions.

Eliminate procrastination, doubt and fear  ☆  Increase alignment so you can perform better all while enjoying what you do  ☆  Be in flow  ☆  Get unstuck  ☆  Gain clarity  ☆ Increase energy  ☆  Focus  ☆ Achieve more  ☆  Contribution & Purpose

In life

What if you could become a better person and experience more life ?

Harmony in your family life  ☆  Unconditional positivity  ☆  Alignement to your optimal life path  ☆  More Love  ☆  Underlying Happiness ☆  Experience Peak States

Pay-for-results policy

you only pay as you get real, mesurable results from our work together

Satisfaction Rate
Clients over 11 years

6 to 10 hours

on average for stable long-term results (depending on the type of results you are looking for)

They worked with me, here are their



Gaetano from Switzerland worked with me doing the "Wall of Glass" process. Even though it was not a major struggle for him, removing the wall of glass had the effect of making his relationships easier.

Gisèle M.

Gisèle suffered her entire life from the infamous 'Wall of Glass' even if she was never formerly diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome or autism.

Catherine G.

Catherine suffered intense neuropathic pains almost constantly for decades. Even strong doses of morphine could barely alleviate them. With one of our Peak States® process, the pains decreased by 80% and she can sleep again.

Stéphan ROy

It only took Stéphan 3 Peak States sessions to get rid of lifelong sleep problems : sleep apnea & waking up at night.

Available worldwide through visioconference.
In french and in English